Sofirn HS40 Rechargeable Headlamp with Magnetic tailcap

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Style:  HS40 without battery
Tint:  6500K
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The difference between SP40 and HS40:

1, SP40 with XPL LED or LH351D LED while The HS40 with Luminus SST40 LED bulb

2, SP40 is 1200 lumen max while HS40 is 2000 lumen max

3, SP40 with 4 kinds of modes while HS40 with 8 modes & step-less Ramping

4, SP40 is 5V 1A rechargeable while the HS40 is 5V 2A rechargeable, faster charging

5, SP40 is Micro USB charging port while HS40 is Type-C charging port

6, SP40 is one-way clip while the HS40 with Dual-way clip

7, SP40 without Strobe while HS40 with Strobe and lock-out function

8, SP40 and HS40 have different knurling on out-looking

The same between SP40 and HS40:

1, both powered by a single 18650 battery (the battery only included in the choice of HS40 with battery)

2, both are orange peel reflector

3, both come with a 18350 short tube

1. Super Bright: HS40 is upgraded from SP40, but ustilizes more powerful SST40 20W led for max 2000 High Lumens. Max 175m-distance beam enables a much better view while hiking. Featuring Stepped mode and steppless ramping, you can choose any lumen you need. The lowest brightness level is 1 lumen which is good for reading map in the dark.

2. USB Type C Rechargeable: The waterproof LED headlamp runs off 3000mAh rechargeable 18650 battery with a built-in USB C port for quick and convenient charging. It takes 3 hours to charge with a 2A adapter (not included) and the included USB type A to USB type C cable. 

3. Lightweight: weighting only 65g without battery, even only 115g with 18650 battery inserted. With a comfortable adjustable headband, you won't even notice wearing a headlamp. This hand-free bright work head lamp helps brighten up your environment, leaving you free to read, and explore whenever and wherever you want.

4. Flashlight Tool: Without installing the headband, it also works as a tool flashlight. This flashlight with right angle shape is designed to illuminate the area in front of you, when it is attached somewhere. The two-way clip allows light to be carried bezel up or down and at the same time can fasten the flashlight in your pocket providing you a hand-free use when working and repairing.

5. Tough & Waterproof: IP68-rated waterproof flashlight can work well in heavy rain. This light can be temporarily submerged underwater for a while (up to 2 meters) in case of accidental falling while you are boating or fishing. Its durable aluminum body and shock resistance endure rough handling.

6. LED indicate: The LED indicator flashes red while charging, it turns to green when fully charged.

7. Headband & Clip: HS40 flashlight is designed with a right angle shape and can be attached to your shirt pocket, coat illuminating vision in front of you. Equipped with a headband and a clip that could set your hands free.

8. Working Headlamp: HS40 comes with a comfortable nylon headband, which can be easily fixed on your work cap or worn directly on your head allowing you to concentrate on your fixing work.


Emitter: 1x SST40 LED
Battery: Powered by one 18650 battery
Operating voltage: 2.7 V - 4.2V
Dimension: 111mm (length) × 26 mm (head diameter) x 25 mm (body diameter)
Weight: 65 grams (without battery, without head-strap)
Headlamp body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to hard-anodized to military-grade specification type III,
anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat
Toughened mineral glass lens: scratch and wear-resistant
Automatic Step-down: Turbo mode steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating.
Lock-out function: Yes
Charging: 5V 2A
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
LED indicator:
Switch led indicates how much power left for 5 seconds.
Steady Green: Enough power.
Steady Red: Not much power left.
Flashing Red: You need to recharge the lamp or insert new battery.

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