About Us

Before the brand name “sofirn” was born. The company founder Qidong Yang pondered a name easy to remember, meaningful and above all to reflect his love and passion for his fledgling company.
He chose SOFIRN to match the name of his dear wife.
Yang loves SOFIRN as deeply as he loves his wife and two children. Yang made it his mission to make SOFIRN a worldwide, well-known brand name.

First and foremost we are passionate about, and value our customers. We have made it our goal to service those customers in the best possible way. Our philosophy is;

1. Provide flashlights suitable for all users with a wide variety of design and applications,
2.Utilise industry leading and unrivalled design coupled with non compromising quality.
3. Implement efficiency within our company structure enabling cost effective manufacture.
4. Providing value for money was, is and will always be a primary consideration for us. At the start of our journey back in 2016-2017 we listened to our customers along with our friends at the ‘Budget Light Forum’, enabling the release of, amongst, others the SF14, SP32, and SP31.

Since then SOFIRN has expanded and added some the best known and talented engineers within the Flashlight industry to our family. Subsequently we went on to release new models including the:  SF14 V2.0, SP32A V2.0, SP31 V2.0, SP36 series, C8F, C8G, SP70, SP33 V3, IF25 and LT1.
Additionally we indulged our passion and made custom units for our aforementioned fans and friends at the ‘Budget Light Forum’, which proved to be very popular.

We believe we can and will continue to grow. We will strive to improve our designs, inventory, shipping services, quality control and marketing along with all the other aspects needed to realize our dream.
To realise that dream will not be easy, but we promise our best.
Our dream? Bring light to the world and make SOFIRN a well-known and a trusted brand offering a complete range of premium quality designs at affordable prices.

Trust SOFIRN, we will stay with you, as we hope you will with us, our collective future will be brighter!

Barry Lee
March 1st, 2020